Sustainable Re-Defined

For the past 7 years I have attended the AIGA Y-Conference hosted by the San Diego chapter, a two-day gathering of creative rock stars mixed with a relaxed So-Cal atmosphere. It is one of my favorite times of the year, for more reasons than just getting to geek out on paper samples and fonts. In 2008, on… Read More →


What Can You Do For Me?

The nature of this question should be self explanatory. It’s the one question that drives every decision we make from birth to death. Your first years represent that self aware toddler-ness who creates noises and scenarios in an effort to get your way. Getting your way is what is important. So explain to me now why all… Read More →

Gluten Free Dairy Free Carrot Cake Recipe

    Ever since going Gluten Free in the summer of 2011, I have become a much more adventurous chef and nutritional savant…testing and learning the limits of my body and what improves/makes me crap out. In that time I’ve learned a lot, and crafted a dietary regime that would make 98% of people cringe. One of… Read More →