Amor Fati

AMOR FATI was a thematic, quarterly digest featuring the works of Los Angeles writers, artists and creatives. In a city of disparate parts, their aim was to create an active platform for organic and challenging exchange that was not only reflective of this generation but brought a collective voice to an anomalous city.


For their fourth edition, the Amor Fati team wanted a design that brought the theme “Origins” to life. The challenge was to avoid cliche or contrived design and revisit the definition of origins. Initial brainstorming brought up cosmos and space, however, I was more inspired by individual wonder and that moment you look up into the sky and think about each individual star like those who came before us.  My goal was to capture cellular level growth, and the development humankind throughout the centuries.


Every square inch of this book feels like physical earth. As an upstart magazine, there wasn’t a budget for expensive printing, and so I included that into the design. Each page has texture, the paragraphs are all skewed on an angle, the fonts and rules are all rough as if written with a croquille pen. I used boxes that emulated mud spread across a surface with your hand. There are subtle cues to different religions, space, time, birth, death, and home.

At the beginning of each chapter, are custom illustrations inspired from historic constellation drawings. Created originally in pencil and enhanced with multiple layers and lighting treatments in photoshop.

Produced by an online book printer, this independent chap book was welcomed by its solid fan base and carried by the independent Silverlake retailer Skylight Books.


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