Los Angeles is the quintessential example of a city built for cars, yet many of its citizens have traded in their cars for bicycles and have started to take the streets back. We ride, laugh, train and race through these streets. This community of cyclists is comprised of bike shops, race teams, bloggers, and local independent merchants, all who call #bikeLA home.


Being able to marry your passion with your profession is a gift. Through my volunteer work as an alternative transportation advocate, I was introduced to numerous small business with a mutual love for cycling. For H&S Bicycles, I started with a complete visual re-brand including outdoor store signage, cycling kit designs, product design and representation at the annual cycling convention Interbike which helped their team present a mature and consistent brand.

After hours, I volunteered my time for several years leading a weekly women’s only beginner road bike ride. Previously, a local bike shop with a strong women’s presence was non-existent. It’s my time training this group of ladies, which grew from 4 to over 100 members over three years, that I am most proud of.


Designing for sportswear has its challenges like any other medium, but something unique about kit design is that you have to apply your artwork in a way that accommodates every size available. Seven sizes are cut from one design. Dye sublimation works by feeding white fabric and mirror image inkjet prints through the sublimation rollers. Out pops the raw pieces of each kit ready to be sewn together. A particular struggle is complicated designs that continue across seems. It’s virtually impossible to not get design gobbledegook when the artwork runs across a “seem” that is 7 sizes wide. But despite the production difficulties, designing for kits is a heck of a lot of fun. Your clients are creative and in the end you get to wear your artwork!


H&S Bicycles

Complete visual re-brand for brick & mortar bike shop including store signage, clothing design, bike frame design and long-term business strategy consultation.

Road Runner Bags

Urban bag maker Road Runner Bags commissioned a powerful WooCommerce based site that simplified order fulfillment of their high-quality custom bags.

Audi Cycling

Custom team kit design commissioned by Audi, for the 2015 Best Buddies Challenge benefitting those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

H&S Ladies

With 24% of the bicycling trips made by women in the United States, you would expect an equal percentage of women’s specific retail establishments. Unfortunately that is not the case, and I set out to give local women a weekly ride to improve their confidence and skills. Leading rides every Tuesday, the H&S Ladies are a solid team of supportive experiences riders whose numbers have grown to over 125 riders.

SoCal Cross

Commissioned by the queen of cyclocross in SoCal, Dorothy Wong needed a skilled designer to illustrate several custom kit designs for her club “The Team.”



For months, Angelenos were warned to stay off the streets, explore their neighborhoods by foot because being in a car meant doom. Along with retailers and restaurants offering Caramageddon deals, Jet Blue joined in on the marketing ploy – and offered to fly you the mere 40 miles across town from Burbank to Long Beach for $4.

That’s when author Tom Vanderbilt proposed that cyclists could potentially beat the plane. We took him up on his idea, recruited our best urban riders, joined forces with Jet Blue, and set in motion an internationally followed urban race between bicyclists and an airplane.


The race was designed as a legal “door to door” match – the flyers still had to go through security and the cyclists had to stop at every traffic light. On race day, the cyclists were joined by others wanting to join in on the race fun, to trek the 40 miles to Long Beach from the start point. The end results were 67,000 unique visitors to the race organizers blog on race day and the results:

1: Cyclists > 1hr 34mins
2: Walking + Metro Subway > 1hr 50mins
3: In-Line Skates > 2hrs 35mins
4: Flyers > 3hrs


As cycling advocates, we work to reduce the time needed to enact change, whether by adding bike lanes or improving the public perception of cyclists. The #flightvsbike race became more than a live tweeted race, and challenged the idea that a bike can’t take you that far on an international stage. Los Angeles has struggled to adapt to changing modes of transportation, and this event helped cement the idea that a car is not the only way to get around.

Because of our dedication to encouraging alternative modes of transportation and promoting cycling as a viable and positive mode of transportation, city officials invited the team together and presented us with awards.