IRT Wheels

Inertia Racing Technology southern California based carbon fiber bicycle wheel manufacturer, who makes precision wheels for high level semi-professional athletes racing across the United States in UCI sanctioned bicycle races. The company is known for its commitment to re-shoring as much of its manufacturing as possible while still maintaining the highest of quality.


Having been on the market for less than five years, iRT has slowly been building a reputation for being the cycling workhorse that produces quality, hand built carbon racing wheels in the United States. However, that message was not coming across visually from their products nor online presence. They wanted to step things up and build more confidence with retailers and consumers.

Piece by piece, I collaborated with their team to develop category challenging design. The goal was to create a look that was unlike anything on the market, but stayed conservative enough to not alienate their core audience.


iRT was determined to be disruptive with asymmetrical typographical elements. The design for the wheels featured the word “inertia” repeated to create an angular pattern applied with gloss black and white water decals over the matte carbon-fiber finish of the rim. The result was a design showstopper at the 2014 Interbike tradeshow in Las Vegas.

To sell the new wheels, iRT needed a web interface that brought consistency to their touch points as well as allowed their staff to focus more on building the brands story rather than targeting endless independent bike dealers. My technical goal was to reduce the barriers to entry for their customers as well as free up time for their staff that previously required substantial time to maintain the previous website.



eCommerce enabled with the most popular online store plugin, and integrated with a custom payment gateway.

Gravity Forms

Used to accomplish dynamic pricing structures conditional on optional features to upgrade wheel components.


Able to process warranties directly through the admin interface, the site system simplified RMA’s and saved time.