LA Sports Acupuncture

LA Sports Acupuncture is the clinical practice of Jorga Houy, L.Ac., acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in orthopedics, pain management, and sports medicine. Nestled between Silverlake and Glendale in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Atwater Village, Jorga serves to relieve athletes of chronic aches and pains with ancient Chinese medicinal practices.


Acupuncture can do an incredible service to your body. Athlete or not, Jorga can be a pain management miracle worker. As a fledgling medical practice, he needed a trust-building look and feel for his practice that stood apart from other lotus heavy acupuncture offices. The question I had to ask myself was “how can design make a potential patient forget their fear of needles?” This look had to eliminate fear and bring ease to a potential patient.

We initially explored iconic marks with cupped hands as so much of what Jorga does revolves around his sense of touch, but eventually, we settled on a more ethereal approach and a nod to his spirituality. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra and a healthy sense of self-expression. Spiritually, the color represents receiving communication from others.

Tinkering with energetic shapes layered over each other in various opacities, my goal was to communicate wisdom and deep knowledge.


With Jorga’s business rapidly growing, a new website was in need that simplified how potential patients interacted before their appointments. This iteration created an immersive experience with detailed full-screen images. The idea became a digital experience that communicated that this was a space of healing and homeostasis. To simplify the appointment making step, all patients were given the ability to schedule and pay for their appointments prior to arrival. Appointments were then auto-synced via a custom Google Calendar on Jorga’s iPhone.


WooCommerce Ready

eCommerce ready with the most popular online store plugin, and integrated with a Google Wallet for pre-payments.

Appointment System

Utilizing the plugin Appointments+ to provide real-time scheduling for clients. Multiple-levels of conditional information can be set for various appointment types.


Tied with a Google Calendar via two-way synchronization, appointments can be made via the website or by blocking time out on an iPhone calendar.