Next Beauty

Next Beauty is a WooCommerce powered eCommerce retailer of prestige beauty and cosmetic brands. It's mission is to serve as the launchpad for emerging beauty brands as well as a virtual distributor for beauty industry professionals.


With over 10 million active stores, WooCommerce is quickly becoming the most popular eCommerce platform currently in use. Its acquisition by WordPress’ parent company Automattic is setting the stage for an entirely new way of doing business online. Contrary to popular belief, you do need a fair amount of development know-how to properly build out one of these stores, with each business featuring anywhere from a few to a few hundred software integrations. Testing, maintaining security, and designing a site that loaded quickly and communicated consistently were top priorities.


The idea was to build a highly extensive system that allowed several different departments to manage their daily tasks without logging into the WordPress dashboard. Accounting and inventory were auto integrated with Quickbooks, dual warehouses were connected with Shipstation, and marketing employed numerous plugins and extensions to build a following and rise above in the ever changing world of Google. Professional cosmetologists had a separate shopping experience from retail shoppers and all communication was secure and consistent.


Wholesale Suite

User role specific experience and pricing was accomplished with a suite of plugins including conditional main menus.

Rewards System

Frequent shoppers earned points for every dollar spent, redeemable for discounts on their subsequent purchases.

Sophisticated Coupons

Plugins extended the system to create highly conditional and feature rich coupons used for YouTube campaigns.

Dual Warehouse Fulfillment

Integrated with Shipstation, packages were shipped from multiple warehouses and tracked by customer service.

Accounting Sync

Multiple sales channels required detailed accounting. Quickbooks was synchronized daily via multiple accounting plugins including Cost of Goods tracking.

Mandrill + Mailchimp

Verified transactional emails were sent via Mandrill, while newsletters were handled by Mail Chimp.

Speed Enhancements

With over 40 active plugins, page speed enhancements, caching and content optimization was critical for load times.

Tracking, Security & PPC

Referrals, Sales, Landing Pages, Exits, and Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Google were tracked by the marketing team with the help of several layers of analytics and plugins.


In the first six months of business, Next Beauty experienced on average a 50% sales growth each month. Its success driven by aggressive marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, PPC campaigns, comprehensive SEO efforts, YouTube product recommendations and utilization of a plethora of social media tools. Along with a Amazon store, Next Beauty is project to break-even within its first year of business.