Brooklyn-based design agency Hyperakt started On The Grid as a simple guide to neighborhood gems, but soon the project became a worldwide effort by top creatives to share their locals-only spots. On The Grid allows you travel the world through the eyes of creatives. I teamed up with Hyperakt as the creative curator for the city of Burbank, photographing and writing about the top 40 gems in my hood.


— Gorgeous antique cash register at the Burbank Historical Society


Curating for On the Grid is reserved for only those creatives with serious design klout. Los Angeles ambassador Trüf Creative was reaching out to fellow designers in the greater LA area, when I picked up on the project by happenstance. Almost immediately, I put in a call to Monika Keher at Trüf and expressed my desire to take on the curation of Burbank, the neighborhood I’ve called home for almost ten years.

Being a curator means that you have to take photos of 25-40 local gems, color correct, upload and write a tagline and paragraph about each location.


— Bearded Lady Vintage, purveyors of the spiritually haunted


Being a project that was designed to be a mobile worldwide travel guide, great photography and succinct writing is critical to the success of your neighborhood.

As the second city to launch, Los Angeles curators in the beginning were asked to meet very tight deadlines in order to get the movement going full steam ahead. In 5 weeks, I curated 40 Burbank gems, a feat when combined with a full-time agency job and a packed freelance calendar. At each location I took anywhere from 10-40 pictures, stayed and spoke with shop owners, and wrote valuable copy for each gem.


— Get the best chili of your life at Chili John’s


This was a project that allowed me to have a lot of fun outside of the office, and to finally make it to all the places I wanted to go but never had been. It brought me closer to my city, and I found so many places I never knew existed. Kudos to Hyperakt for making this project happen.

Check out the entire collection of Burbank gems!

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— Affirmation cupcakes from Half Baked Co.


— Turn the RFPs, PPCs, and CMS’s into WODs at FitWorks


— Get your Cortado fix at the Commisary


— Ruin your diet at Doughn-t Hut, their Apple Fritters are magical