Truactivs is a prestige line of skin care products developed by the same world-renowned chemists responsible for some of the markets most successful and profitable brands. We worked with the Truactivs team to realize their performance-based brand from the ground up including naming, packaging, print design, and web development.


As the chemists and laboratory to the prestige beauty industry, our client came to us to help them develop their own in-house prestige beauty brand. For years they had tweaked and tested a modestly successful skincare brand, but the brands look and feel was far from prestige. To make the jump into high-end beauty, we worked to name, design, and develop a new look and feel for a brand with the highest percentage of active ingredients to hit the market.

This brand was based on science, and our challenge was to keep the packaging clean while also finding a balance between necessary scientific facts and too much information.


The proposed product line was to feature 18 products with over 5o active ingredients. Each ingredient came with a multi-page clinical study that had to be filtered down to the most critical bits of information, so that the succession of print executions would not be overwhelmed with information.

The primary packaging featured a blind embossed sleeve with a triangular pattern and window die cuts that let category specific artwork show through. Logos and informational design was coated in a spot gloss UV and metallic silver ink. The 56-page print catalog featured the same blind embossed pattern, and spot gloss UV to unify the executions.

When it came to developing a website, we had continue the same look and feel but now we were challenged to create a dynamic and responsive format for displaying the vast amount of clinical study information for each product.


WooCommerce Ready

eCommerce ready by utilizing catalog mode while the brand was debuting at worldwide industry tradeshows.

Custom CSS

A significant amount of CSS was written to make the look and feel consistent between the catalog and the website.

5 Secondary Colors

Each category page and product featured its own color group, and proved tricky to organize each header (h1,h2,h3 etc) tag color.

Dynamic Grids

Each clinical study required a unique grid layout for individual ingredients. Accomplished with Visual Composer, it had to look good, respond well and be easy enough for clients to learn quickly.

AJAX Ingredient Catalog

57 ingredients were detailed in a dynamic single page portfolio layout. Each ingredient expands to detail it’s clinical information, collapses and can be shuffled alphabetically from ingredient to ingredient.